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Emergency Services

Mount Construction Co., a full service Emergency Response provider with an 18 year history of responding to emergencies of all size. We have responded to in excess of 100 emergencies a year for 6 years running.

emergency servicesThese emergencies have ranged from a small water main break or leaking water service to a 150,000,000 gallon per day sewer interceptor collapse, a small road repair to a major bridge deck failure. Our crews responded to September 11th and worked round the clock for several months aiding with the infrastructure needs for egress in and out of New York.

Safety and professionalism are always of utmost concern, and Mount Construction Co., Inc. is proud to consistently display both in every job we do.

We responded to the floods in Burlington County in both 2004 and 2007 and were instrumental in managing everything from traffic control to the preservation of potable water distribution. This also included the sanitary sewer collection system and stabilization of threatened failing bridges and dams, along with the reconstruction of those that failed.


Emergency ServicesOur teams have been cross trained in emergency response and we have over 200 people on call and ready to respond with a moments notice. We maintain an inventory of over $1,000,000 worth of materials and parts to provide our customers with the best possible service regardless of what time or day an emergency happens.

We also perform our own line-stop and insertion valve work; we own state of the art equipment and an inventory of the necessary fittings to give you a shut down when you need it. We perform these emergency services for local municipalities, county, state and federal agencies along with blue chip industrial customers.

If you have interest in discussing our emergency response service to see how we could help you with your needs we would like to speak with you. Please contact Robbie Beechler at (856)768-8493 or e-mail him at or to set up a meeting. In the event of an actual emergency dial (856)768-8493 one of on call staff will assist you with your needs


Excavation and Site Work

ConstructionMount Construction Co., Inc. owns and operates an extensive fleet of backhoes, bulldozers, excavators and other heavy equipment for all circumstance in the field.

Our operators are professionally trained and our equipment is ready to handle your specific project.

Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water Management and Water Distribution Systems:

Today, more than ever, it is critical that an appropriate contractor with the correct people and the proper resources and equipment is selected to perform sanitary sewer, water distribution and storm drainage installations. With our proven construction experience and professional knowledge, Mount Construction Co., Inc. is that contractor capable of supporting clientele in achieving your site improvement goals in a timely fashion.

  • Large diameter systems
  • Underground detention systems
  • Retention / detention basins
  • Culverts
  • Deep excavations
  • Adverse subsurface conditions / De-watering requirements
  • Trench shoring



Milling and PavingMount Construction Co., Inc. can provide you with all of your road construction and maintenance needs ranging from full road construction or reconstruction to milling, micro surfacing or paving overlays.

Our crews have vast experience in reconstruction and paving of highways, runways, county and local municipal roads, bridges, approach decks and ramps along with parking lots. We utilize all of the latest technology and maintain a fleet of the finest paving equipment available in the industry.

Our work force is constantly involved in training and education to help us provide the finest possible product to our customers.

Mount Construction Co., Inc.'s concrete work includes curb, sidewalk, headwalls, culverts, and brick pavers to provide a complete construction package.


Contact Information

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